Ammophila breviligulata (Cape American Beach Grass)

Also know as American Beach grass or Cape American Beach Grass. Most people simply know it as "dune grass"

This grass is a native found from North Carolina to New England as well as the Great Lakes Region.

A very vigorous grower this grass has been used to stabilize dunes all over the East Coast. This plant thrives in a beach environment often putting roots down to 18".

As it's name suggests it is found in the dunes above the high tide mark.

Need help "planting beach grass" call the experts. One of our experts can give advice over the phone or clink on the beach grass planting link to your right.


How to plant  Beach Grass Video

Beach grass planting

Above photo is a planting by Cape Coastal's 'Beach Grass Expert' Dan Helman

Cape American Beach Grass


beach grass field

Fields of cultivated beach grass

The bare root / dormant beach grass planting window has closed.  Beach Grass plugs will be available  in May. We are  taking orders for Fall beach grass dormant culms now.

Contract grown orders are available with enough lead time.

Cape Coastal Nursery is a supplier of bare root culms as well as plugs during season. Bare root plants are available when they are dormant. The typical dormancy period is Mid October to Mid April.

Volume discounts are available.  Beach grass is available for pickup or delivery.

We are the beach grass experts. Please consider us for your next planting. No quantity is too small.

Beach Grass information and planting instructions

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